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Technology Commercialization Process

The goal of my technology technology commercialization┬áprocess is to identify opportunities though a structured ideation. These opportunities will be evaluated with limited resources expended. The focus is external, on customers. We must solve a problem for customers, not simply deliver them new technology. You will need to understand that the customer perceives as valuable. The…

Product Market Size – How big should it be?

I have spent the past few years refining my method for commercializing technology. This mythology is ideal for situations where there is IP, grant money, or another basis for technology (perhaps your skills and background in a particular area) that you want to bring to market. It is also very well suited to ‘blue-sky’ development…

DiY LED Aquarium Lighting

Last week I put together a new LED lighting upgrade for my 8-gal Hex freshwater aquarium. The 8-watt screw in fluorescent wasn’t putting out enough light to grow plants. It might seem like 1-watt/gal would be enough, but the bulb is omnidirectional and the reflector was garbage, I probably only got 4-watts to the water….

What a Delivery!

This has to be the best fruit/veggie box I have received yet from Boston Organics service. It is my standard $29 “dogma box” of local veggies: Apples, beets, cabbage, celery root, red onions, potatoes, black radishes, sunchokes, and white mushrooms Plus a few add-on items: Garlic, local bee pollen, granola, spinach, bananas I am excited…

Reef Aquarium

Salt Water Reef Aquarium 10 Gallons About 2004 About 2005-2006 The tank, at its peak. I was using Brookline, MA tap water! A lot of work went into that coral. Closeup of the candy cane coral